Artist Spotlight: Tara Beth Gunduz

At Rock Collector's Daughter, each crystal is hand wrapped by Tara Beth Gunduz and is inspired by both the energy of the given crystal and Tara's dedicated yoga practice. If you would like to learn more, please read on or  Contact Us  for more information.

Tara often pairs crystals with essential oils to amplify their benefits. If you would like to learn more about essential oils, please visit our  Essential Oils  page.

Tara achieved her 200-hour RYT through Alchemy of Yoga in Nosara, Costa Rica in the Summer of 2017, where her teachers described her as “joyful, enchanting, and encouraging”. Her primary goal for all students is to encourage them to be positive, confident, and empowered members of the World.

Tara currently teaches vinyasa, restorative and Buti yoga flows at a studio in Somerville, MA, and is a personal yoga instructor for a corporation in Boston, MA. She has taught yoga to high school athletes, and incorporates mindfulness and meditation into her daily life. Tara has taught private yoga sessions for athletes, in particular, runners who are looking to complement their training. 

Tara's teaching style is mindful, spirited and supportive. With a passion for aromatherapy and a background in education, empowerment and the healing energies, her classes engage all of the senses, while encouraging students to live each day with purpose, actualize their potential and nurture the best version of themselves possible. 

In addition to crystal wrapping artist and yoga instructor, Tara is a dean and director at Enjoy Life Education, an organization based on leadership education and human empowerment. Her daily career is as a high school AP Calculus and general mathematics teacher.

A family rock collecting trip -

Pictured here with her big sister, Tara has

been collecting rocks since (at least!) 1989

Tara spent her younger years as a dancer - 

although she never quite fit the ballerina mold.

Here she is showing off her passion for movement, circa 1994

You can follow Tara Beth on Instagram @tarabethenjoylife

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